Computer Repairs in Hove

If you are looking for a local computer repair service in Hove to fix a broken laptop or PC, then search no further. KB Computer Repairs in hove will get your computer fixed and running at is optimal speed.

Therefore don’t hesitate to call our friendly team for a free quote today on 07719 994 859. Even more the travel to your home or office in Hove and the surrounding areas is free of charge.

Get your laptop fixed by a computer repair experts in Hove

hardware repair laptop KB Computer Repairs provides a reliable, efficient and affordable laptop repairs in Hove, to home users and small business owners. We are mobile and we cover most of the towns around Brighton, and our technicians can diagnose and repair all models and brands of computers Windows and Mac.

In addition to repairing your machine we’ll explain what was wrong with it, what we did to fix it and how to prevent it from happening again. Not only-but also, if you require a computer for an urgent work then, we can loan you a courtesy laptop for free while your computer is getting repaired.

Furthermore, If you want to have a rough idea on how much it will cost to get your laptop fixed, then, please check out our Computer Repair Price List.

laptop repairs in Hove

Computer repair services in Hove and surrounding areas

Are you asking yourself, where can I repair my laptop in Hove? Well you are in the right place.
With a friendly and highly skilled team, our laptop repair shop provides a wide range of computer repair services in Hove whether it is hardware or software related. As well as coming to your home, we will also try to offer you a same day visit, depending on the availability of our technicians.

Hardware diagnostics and repair : PC repair, laptop fan cleaning, laptop motherboard diagnostics, laptop hinge repair, laptop broken screen replacement, laptop LCD panel fitting, Networking setup, hard drive upgrade to a solid state drive etc.

Software troubleshooting and install : Windows 10 installation and upgrade, Microsoft office 365 installation and setup, blue screen repair, virus removal and protection, unwanted ads removal, spam and spyware cleaning, Outlook and Mail app setup, operating system start up repair, lost or deleted date recovery etc.

Have your laptop repaired by professionals in Hove

KB Computer Repairs provides reliable, efficient and affordable laptop repairs in Hove to home users and businesses. furthermore we are mobile and we serve most of the towns of West Sussex.

Are you having problems with your laptop or desktop computer due to a virus or a Windows 10 update? If yes, then you have come to the right place. our technicians can diagnose, repair and speed up your slow computer in less than 2 hours. Whether it is a hardware or software problem we will make sure it is fixed quickly and most importantly, we will explain to you the cause of the problem and what we did to repair it.

All of our computer repair services in Hove are completed on-site to a high-standard. In addition to home visits, we can also collect and drop off your laptop once it has been repaired.

computer repairs in Hove

Our Services for Small Business

Computer Health Check

Health check Computer repair- it services

Having trouble with a slow computer or constant freezing? Within minutes, we scan and run a health check on your PC, giving you a comprehensive health report of your machine detailing the faults and how to get rid of them.

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Overheating Computer

Overheating Computer repair-it services

Do you know, in order to keep your computer cool it’s important to remove any obstacles to air flow and check that no dust is blocking the fan, particularly in laptops, whereby airflow is restricted between the tiny compartments.

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Windows Update & Installation

Windows update and installation-it services

Get the latest operating system for your PC, including all the up-to-date versions of software. Updates help keep your PC safer, by fixing bugs and allowing for automated patches in both OS and non-OS software.

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Wired & Wireless Networking

Networkinh computer repair-it services

We will assist you with setting up wireless and cable networks, help you to solve problems connecting to or staying connected to the Internet, and establishing a securer, more reliable and cost effective network for your business.

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Remove Unwanted Adware

Ads Popup removal computer- it services

Free your computer from irritating ads, unwanted browser tabs and annoying ad-ons. Popups and adverts can be a nuisance and crop up at any time without your consent. Adware can hijack links redirecting them to unwanted URLs.

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Virus & Spyware Removal

Protection antivirus computer repairs-it services

Let us secure your PC from malicious spyware that can potentially be a threat to your system. With one click of a button viruses can be easily downloaded without your knowledge, but can just as easily be removed by calling!

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Computer Repairs in Horsham

Some Cities, Towns and Villages that we cover around Hove

We provide a comprehensive range of computer repair services throughout all the towns of West Sussex.