Clean an Overheating Computer

We offer dust cleaning services for your overheating laptop or desktop, most of the time laptops overheat when the fan is not doing its job, this means the CPU and the graphical card are not cooling up, we can clean the inside of your laptop or desktop within an hour in your own home.

Overheated Laptop damages and risks

Overheating computer- kb computer repair

We can clean dust on your Laptop

Overheating can cause damage to your PC by causing it to shut down, constantly reboot or display the blue screen. As a result you may end up losing files or not saving your work in time. In the worst case overheating could cause damage to the internal components. Computers are equipped with heat sinks, which disperse heat away from the internal components like the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Computers can become too hot in a number of ways: dust can become blocked inside the fans causing them to stop or slow down, thus not cooling the interior properly; when your device comes into contact with direct sunlight, for instance if you take your laptop outside; the CPU and graphics cards become hot particularly when running demanding applications. Generally, a bit of overheating is normal and the fans can make a whirring sound when your PC gets too hot. It’s usually nothing to worry about, but general maintenance and care of your PC will prevent further damage.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent an overheating computer :

  • Avoid direct sunlight with your Laptop. If it’s absolutely necessary that you go outside try not to use your laptop for prolonged periods.
  • Ensure optimal ventilation by keeping your computer away from walls.
  • Invest in an extra cooler fan/pad to rest your laptop on.
  • Have your desktop/laptop professionally cleaned inside and out to remove excess dust and to check any internal damage (why not give us a call today?)
  • If your PC  CPU is overheating we will check to see if the heat sink is in place or if its thermal paste has hardened/dried out.
  • Don’t perching your laptop on the bed or sofa

How to monitor the temperature of your computer

You can also monitor your computer’s temperature in a number of ways. Firstly, you may be able to physically feel if your computer gets excessively hot. The fan may make a whirring or clicking sound suggesting it’s overworked or failing. You may experience persistent rebooting of the system or a blue screen appearing. Finally, many newer computers have built-in programs that tell you the temperature of different components. If not, you can download tools from the Internet to display similar information, try SpeedFan or HWMonitor.

Mobile Computer Repair Services

If you PC is running slow and not performing the way it should be running, let us help. Pop-ups, unexplained web sites, or other odd behavior could be a serious infection. Or worse yet, it could be a Trojan horse stealing your personal data such as credit card information you punch into websites when you order something. You may have a virus, spy-ware, malware, or a corrupt operating system. We can fix and optimise your computer so it runs like new.
If you don’t want to lose all of the files on your old system, let us transfer your existing files to your new computer. We transfer all the data you wish to keep from your old computer onto your new computer.
Anti-Virus, Firewall… Help ensure your privacy. We will get you set up with anti-spyware, network encryption. Help prevent the infestation of viruses, unwanted pop-ups, and rogue programs that affect your PC’s performance and security. We will customize Windows and configure the firewall to your needs, based on the setup of your home or office network.
Let us upgrade your operating system. Why buy a new computer when you can just upgrade the operating system to take advantage of new features. We will help decide which operating system is for you, and do a system upgrade for you.
Are you getting warning signs such as Hard Drive Full or will fail soon? We will assess your hard drive and then copy over your existing files for more storage space. A faster hard drive will also speed up system performance. Let us install your new, larger hard drive.
If your hard drive has crashed, or your system won’t boot up, you may need to have your data retrieved from a non-working hard drive. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to data retrieval, but we will try our best to recover your important lost files.
Dust! Yes, believe it or not, they are your computer’s worst enemies. The accumulation of dust particles in your computer case can shorten the life of your PC. The particles block essential airflow to the system, which causes the processor and hard drive to overheat, creating irreversible damage.
Do you need to setup a wireless network? You can then securely share the internet, printers, and files from anywhere in your office or home. Let us come to you and install your wireless or wired network.
If your computer hard drive crashes, let us recover all your important documents, files, videos, photos, music and all the important things you don’t want to lose. Trust us for all your computer system back-ups. If you had a system crash, let us restore your backup so you can get back running again.
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Our Computer Repair Services

Computer Health Check

Health check Computer repair- it services

Having trouble with a slow computer or constant freezing? Within minutes, we scan and run a health check on your PC, giving you a comprehensive health report of your machine detailing the faults and how to get rid of them.

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Overheating Computer

Overheating Computer repair-it services

Do you know, in order to keep your computer cool it’s important to remove any obstacles to air flow and check that no dust is blocking the fan, particularly in laptops, whereby airflow is restricted between the tiny compartments.

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Windows Update & Installation

Windows update and installation-it services

Get the latest operating system for your PC, including all the up-to-date versions of software. Updates help keep your PC safer, by fixing bugs and allowing for automated patches in both OS and non-OS software.

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Wired & Wireless Networking

Networkinh computer repair-it services

We will assist you with setting up wireless and cable networks, help you to solve problems connecting to or staying connected to the Internet, and establishing a securer, more reliable and cost effective network for your business.

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Remove Unwanted Adware

Ads Popup removal computer- it services

Free your computer from irritating ads, unwanted browser tabs and annoying ad-ons. Popups and adverts can be a nuisance and crop up at any time without your consent. Adware can hijack links redirecting them to unwanted URLs.

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Virus & Spyware Removal

Protection antivirus computer repairs-it services

Let us secure your PC from malicious spyware that can potentially be a threat to your system. With one click of a button viruses can be easily downloaded without your knowledge, but can just as easily be removed by calling!

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