KB Computer repairs is your local Laptop repair shop in Brighton. We can fix all types of issues including dust removal, advert blocking, spam cleaning, viruses removal etc. We also can repair all models of computer and all types of laptop faults.

We work with a No Fix No Fee policy and we are available 7 days a week, from 9am to 8pm including Bank holidays. Call us today for a free quote on 07719 994 859.

KB Computer Repairs With over 12 years of experience

hardware repair laptop KB Computer Repairs Limited is a family business. We provide computer repair services in Brighton and surrounding towns and villages

With more than 12 years of experience in repairing Windows and Apple computers, our engineer will fix and optimize your computer to its best performance.

KB Computer Repairs Brighton specialists in home computer services. How Does It Work? Simply give us a call to one of our qualified technicians to explain the nature of your problem. We will then try to resolve your computer problems over the phone with accurate and free advice, however if your problem remains unresolved we will give you a quote with no hidden costs or surprises. If you are happy with the quote one of our experienced technicians will visit your home or business according to your availability. We work on a ‘no-fix no-fee’ basis, meaning if we are unable to fix your computer, we will not charge you.

We aim to visit our customers within 24 hours, At the end of the intervention the engineer will demonstrate how the laptop or desktop was fixed. Our company in Brighton has the attention to detail and also respects your personal data. We know that technology can be very expensive: therefore in addition to the service we will explain the cause of your computer problem in Brighton and advise you on how to avoid them in the future. Finally, of course, if you have any questions you can contact KB Computer Repairs by email or by telephone.

If you PC is running slow and not performing the way it should be running, let us help. Pop-ups, unexplained web sites, or other odd behavior could be a serious infection. Or worse yet, it could be a Trojan horse stealing your personal data such as credit card information you punch into websites when you order something. You may have a virus, spy-ware, malware, or a corrupt operating system. We can fix and optimise your computer so it runs like new.
If you don’t want to lose all of the files on your old system, let us transfer your existing files to your new computer. We transfer all the data you wish to keep from your old computer onto your new computer.
Anti-Virus, Firewall… Help ensure your privacy. We will get you set up with anti-spyware, network encryption. Help prevent the infestation of viruses, unwanted pop-ups, and rogue programs that affect your PC’s performance and security. We will customize Windows and configure the firewall to your needs, based on the setup of your home or office network.
Let us upgrade your operating system. Why buy a new computer when you can just upgrade the operating system to take advantage of new features. We will help decide which operating system is for you, and do a system upgrade for you.
Are you getting warning signs such as Hard Drive Full or will fail soon? We will assess your hard drive and then copy over your existing files for more storage space. A faster hard drive will also speed up system performance. Let us install your new, larger hard drive.
If your hard drive has crashed, or your system won’t boot up, you may need to have your data retrieved from a non-working hard drive. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to data retrieval, but we will try our best to recover your important lost files.
Dust! Yes, believe it or not, they are your computer’s worst enemies. The accumulation of dust particles in your computer case can shorten the life of your PC. The particles block essential airflow to the system, which causes the processor and hard drive to overheat, creating irreversible damage.
Do you need to setup a wireless network? You can then securely share the internet, printers, and files from anywhere in your office or home. Let us come to you and install your wireless or wired network.
If your computer hard drive crashes, let us recover all your important documents, files, videos, photos, music and all the important things you don’t want to lose. Trust us for all your computer system back-ups. If you had a system crash, let us restore your backup so you can get back running again.

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Computer Repairs in Worthing

Mobile Computer Repairs Anywhere in Brighton and Sussex Area

We repair all computer problems, virus removal, wireless problem, spyware, lost data, overheating, crashing. We are here to help.

No Travel Charges

We operate in most cities of West and East Sussex at a fixed price, depending on the intervention, with no hidden costs and no travel charges!

No Travel Charges In Sussex

We’ll come direct to your home or business to provide on site IT support, including computer repairs, as well as to resolve software, hardware, broadband and networking issues.

Get A Free Quote

Call KB Computer Repairs today and one of our experienced technicians will provide a solution to your IT needs, at a low-cost fixed price.

Get A Free Quote

We’ll try to resolve your computer problems over the phone, free of charge, but if you require a callout we’ll let you know the price before visiting your home.

60 Days Warranty

All of our work is guaranteed for 60 days, if you have a problem with our work, let us know straight away and we'll make it right.

60 Days Warranty

KB Computer Repairs will give your computer a full onsite makeover and, if you like what we do, we will look after all your other computer repair needs as well.

Save Your Time

No need to travel, we’ll come direct to you, at a time and date that best suits you. We aim to pay you a visit within 24 hours from your call.

Save Your Time

Fast, reliable computer repairs, from virus to hardware problems. We repair your PC or laptop at your convenience within 24 hours from your call.

Low Price Services

Our qualified technicians carry out quality computer repairs at competitive prices, and we operate on a no-fix no-fee and no obligation basis.

Low Price Services

KB Computer Repairs offers an affordable service with no hidden costs or surprises. If we don’t manage to fix your PC, you simply don’t pay!

Home Computer Repairs

Our IT services are intended for private PC users as well as professionals; Our expertise in the field allows us to intervene on any type of computer, brand and any Operating System. We offer cheap services with professional quality, and all this at the comfort of your own home.

We Come To You

Our IT services are aimed at personal computer users and small businesses, offering competitive prices in this marketplace. We operate in East of Sussex, 24/7. Whether you have problems with your Internet connection or your computer, we can find a solution to all your computer problems. So whatever difficulty you are experiencing with your computer, we will provide you a quality service at an affordable price, and at your own convenience.The quote is of course FREE after a simple call fast. Clear and no-hidden prices.

Business IT Services

We know you can't wait days or weeks to get your small business computer fixed, we provide small businesses with fast, guaranteed computer repairs, upgrades, and IT services. Whether you have 1 computer or 10, we can give your business the support & value you need

On-Site IT Services for your Business in East Sussex

We’re dedicated to the success of your business and understand how heavily your business relies on your computers to operate. With our rapid response mobile on-site computer repair service we can fix your computer quickly, right in your business or home office! We specialise in small business computer repairs, troubleshooting & IT services, and we also repair all computer brands. Our repairs come with a 60 day warranty and we take every step to be as pro-active in preventing problems in your business as possible.
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