Computer Repairs 2021 Price List

Welcome to our computer repair pricing page. We operate on a ‘no-fix, no-fee’ basis, meaning we DO NOT CHARGE if we cannot fix your PC. We won’t charge for travelling to you, no matter where you live in East Sussex and West Sussex. We believe our prices and services are great value and competitive within this marketplace.

All of our work comes with a 90-day warranty, but if you are unhappy or unsure about any of the work we have carried out, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will put it right, at no extra cost to you.

Our technicians will provide you with a quote over the phone before the booking, and if you’re unhappy with the price you’re not obliged to go ahead. Our 2020 price list is fair, transparent and affordable withe no hidden costs or surprises.

Our prices are all INCLUSIVE of VAT. Moreover we don’t charge by the hour, but simply for the repair that is carried out. We currently accept cash, cheques and online bank transfers.

Please see our computer repairs 2021 price list for a guide of the work we can do for you today. Please give us a call on 07719 994 859 for more complicated problems.

Remote Support

£1500/15 minutes
  • Virus & Malware removal + protection
  • Adware, Ads & Popups removal + protection
  • Mail setup and troubleshooting: Outlook & Mail App
  • All other services that can be completed remotely

Prices exclude cost of parts.

Why Choose Us

  • We come to you with no travel charges if you are located in East and West Sussex Areas
  •  We aim to visit our customers within 24 hours from the call 
  • We have more than 15 years of experience

  • We always give a 90 day warranty for our repairs.

  •  We work on a no-fix no-fee basis
  • The satisfaction of our customers is our priority.

  • We are available 7 days a week.

  • We are up to date with new technologies

  • We repair all types and models of computers

  • We repair Apple and Windows computers

Our prices for a home visit

Hardware* - Home visit + Fitting

£6999/Per Service
  •  Laptop broken or cracked screen replacement
  •   Laptop keyboard replacement
  • Printer/Scanner Wi-Fi setup & install
  • Networking (Wired, Wireless) setup & troubleshooting
  • Replacement of failing hard drive **
  • Hard Drive upgrade to Solid State Drive SSD **
  • Battery pack replacement
  • Memory (RAM) Replacement or upgrade
  •   Custom computer builds

* Prices exclude cost of parts.

** All hard drives comes new and empty therefore Windows 7/8/10 installation is required.

*** A second service from the above list can be provided free of charge if time permits.

Software* - Home visit + Installation

£6999/Per Service
  • Adware, ads and popups removal + protection software
  • Black Screen on login After remote desktop session
  • Microsoft office 365 installation and setup
  • Fix blue screen, crash dump physical memory error
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 yearly servicing and tuning
  •  Virus & malware removal + protection Software
  • Setup emails on Outlook or Mail App
  • Windows Password Reset or Recovery
  •   Windows 8 Reset or refresh 

* Prices exclude cost of licenses.

**A second service from the above list can be provided free of charge if time permits.

Windows 10 Installation or Upgrade

£7999/For the entire list
  • Backup your personal files and documents before installation *20GB included within the price
  • Windows 10 installation Or upgrade
  • Restore your personal files and documents
  •   Setup and configure your local network
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Install – License included
  • Antivirus installation – License not included
  • Free Malwarebyte installation and setup
  •   Installation of most of the basic Software
  • Printer installation and setup, wired or Wi-Fi

* The price may vary depending on the size of your personal data.