Computer Repairs in Southwick

If you are looking for local computer repairs in Southwick to fix your freezing or crashing computer then search no further. Our PC repair engineers in Southwick are professional, friendly and can fix your laptop problems in your own home or office.

We are available 7 days a week from 9am to 8pm including Bank Holidays. Please give us call on 07719 994 859 for a free quote

Computer & laptop repair services in Southwick

With over 14 years experience in IT, KB Computer Repairs will get your computer working whatever the problem, hardware or software. Our PC repair services are provided across East Sussex and West Sussex for home users and small businesses owners.

Computer Repairs in southwick

The price to fix your computer will be given to you over the phone, and if you are happy then we will arrange a visit. Once the repair is completed and your PC is up and running at the desired speed our technician will take time to explain what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

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Some of our computer repair services

Computer Speed-Up and Tune-Up

Are you planning to replace your computer because it is freezing or slowing you down? Don’t replace it just yet, we can speed it up for you by refreshing or reinstalling your Windows 10. Most of the old laptops and desktop are slow because the Operating System isn’t behaving as it should. We can give your laptop a new lease of life by cleaning the registry, defragmenting your hard drive or even by resetting your Windows.

Virus removal

if you have been attacked by a virus and your anti-virus didn’t detect the attack then it is more likely that your computer will start to show signs of slowness or not responding to error messages. The longer you leave your computer without cleaning, the slower it becomes. KB Computer Repairs in Southwick can clean most of the viruses and malware attacks. Unless the infection isn’t severe, we will be obligated to reinstall your Windows 10.

Internet connection Problems fix

Are you having trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi? Or the signal in your house isn’t strong enough? Let us help you fix your networking problems; we will make sure you get the most of your broadband by boosting your Wi-Fi signal, and if the problem is caused by your computer as sometimes the problem can be related to a virus blocking you from reaching the desired websites then we can help you as well.

Failed Windows 10 update

Has your laptop or desktop failed to install the latest update of Windows 10? As Microsoft releases a new version of Windows 10 every 6 months some computers fail to install the upgrade for multiple reasons but the main ones are the incompatibility software, not enough disk space, or anti-virus blocking the process. No worries even if damage has been done to your Operating System we can still recover and restore all the data left within your hard drive HDD. Once the data is recovered we will install the latest version of Windows 10 and put your files and documents back.

Old laptop data recovery

Do you have an old laptop which isn’t starting for some unknown reason and you want to recover your documents and photos left inside? We can do the job for you and we will make sure you have decent backup in place so this won’t happen in the future, such as using Google Drive (Cloud technology) as Google is the only company who provides unlimited space for free at certain conditions.

Replace a faulty hardware

KB Computer Repairs can diagnose and repair software and hardware issues. If your laptop PC has stopped working suddenly then it is more likely to be caused by a faulty hardware: motherboard, RAM or Hard drive. Whatever the cause our IT support technicians can detect and replace the failing part for you. Please note our company only provides RAMs, SSD or classic hard drive replacement parts. If your computer needs a motherboard, a power unit or screen replacement then we will guide you to buy the part and we will come back and replace it for you.

Help to setup a new hardware or software

Have you purchased a new laptop or desktop and you needed help setting it up? KB Computer repairs provides a new computer setup service: this will include setting up the new machine, installing the needed applications like Microsoft office 2016, Office 365, Antivirus, Outlook etc. We also transfer your data across from your old laptop or desktop if you do have one.

Apple products repair services

KB computer repairs isn’t limited only to repairing Windows computers, we also repair Apple computers; MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini etc. We can help you upgrade or install a newer version of OS X like High Sierra or even upgrade your iMac classic hard drive to a newer technology Solid State Drive.


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