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KB Computer repairs provides a HP computer repairs for all hewlett packard Models : HP EliteBook laptop, HP Pavilion Center TV, HP Pavilion Series, HP ProBook laptop, HP TouchSmart Computer.

We fix all issues with HP laptops or desktops, including viruses removal, networking issues, we replace broken screens, we clean the dust of your hp laptop fan, please give us a call on 07719 994 859 if you have any questions

 HP laptops and desktops repair services

Hp Computer repair Kb computer repairsHere at KB Computer Repairs is the leader on HP laptop repair, we diagnose, repair and work with all HP brands of desktop and laptop, including all makes and models.

We providean excellent computer repair for hp laptops, we are experienced in repairing and troubleshooting all HP computers and HP laptops models (HP computer repair for EliteBook, HP computer repair for OmniBook, HP computer repair for Pavilion Center TV, HP computer repair for Pavilion Series,

We offer our HP laptop repair services to residential and business, all our technicians are qualified and professional,
once your hp laptop or computer fixed they will give you the cause of the problems so you can make sure that the problems will not happen again.

We troubleshoot and repair all hp computers (laptops and desktops) we can fix your :

  1. Networking problem with HP laptop or desktop,
  2. Remove viruses from hp laptop
  3. Install or upgrade your windows to windows 8, 8.1 and 10 on HP laptop
  4. Replace hp laptop keyboard
  5. Replace HP computer optical drive
  6. HP laptop screen replacement
  7. Hard Drive (HDD) replacement on HP computer on windows 10.
  8. HP laptop memory (RAM) upgrade.
  9. Lost data recovery from HP laptop or desktop
  10. HP laptop dust cleaning and fan replacemernt

Hewlett-Packard History:

Hp computer repair KB computer repairHewlett-Packard Company or HP (styled as 【hp】) is an American multinational information technology corporation headquartered in Palo Alto, California, United States. It provides hardware, software and services to consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises, including customers in the government, health and education sectors.
The company was founded in a one-car garage in Palo Alto by William “Bill” Redington Hewlett and David “Dave” Packard starting with a line of electronic test equipment. HP was the world’s leading PC manufacturer from 2007 to Q2 2013, after which Lenovo remained ranked ahead of HP. It specialises in developing and manufacturing computing, data storage, and networking hardware, designing software and delivering services. Major product lines include personal computing devices, enterprise and industry standard servers, related storage devices, networking products, software and a diverse range of printers and other imaging products. HP markets its products to households, small- to medium-sized businesses and enterprises directly as well as via online distribution, consumer-electronics and office-supply retailers, software partners and major technology vendors. HP also has services and consulting business around its products and partner products.(Wikipedia source).

We Repair All HP Models

HP Computer Repair

HP business desktops

Hewlett-Packard target their line of business desktop computers for use in the corporate, government and education markets. HP operate their business desktops on minimum 12-month product cycle and directly compete with Dell Optiplex, Acer Veriton and Lenovo ThinkCentre.(Wikipedia Source)

HP business desktops models:

HP Compaq dc5000 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq dc5100 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq dx5150 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq dc5700 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq dc5750 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq dc5800 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP ProDesk 600 G1 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq dc5850 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq 4000 Pro Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq 6000 Pro Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq 6005 Pro Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq 6200 Pro Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq Pro 6300 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs

HP Computer Elite Series:

HP Compaq d530 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq dx6100 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq dc7100 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq dc7600 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq dc7700 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq dc7800 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq dc7900 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq 8000 Elite Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq 8100 Elite Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq 8200 Elite Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP Compaq Elite 8300 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs
HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Desktop, We provide HP computer repairs

HP Computer Repair:

HP EliteBook First generation:

The xx30 generation comprised the following notebooks:
HP EliteBook 2530p: 12.1″ ultraportable.
HP EliteBook 2730p: 12.1″ Tablet PC.
HP EliteBook 6930p: 14.1″ mainstream.
HP EliteBook 8530p: 15.4″ mainstream.
HP EliteBook 8530w: 15.4″ mobile workstation.
HP EliteBook 8730w: 17.0″ mobile workstation.

HP EliteBook Second Generation:

The xx40 series comprised the following models:
HP EliteBook 2540p: 12.1″ ultraportable.
HP EliteBook 2740p: 12.1″ Tablet PC.
HP EliteBook 8440p: 14.0″ mainstream.
HP EliteBook 8440w: 14.0″ mobile workstation.
HP EliteBook 8540p: 15.6″ mainstream.
HP EliteBook 8540w: 15.6″ mobile workstation.
HP EliteBook 8740w: 17.0″ mobile workstation.

HP EliteBook Third generation:

The xx60 series, announced on February 23, 2011, comprised the following models:
HP EliteBook 2560p: 12.5″ ultraportable.
HP EliteBook 2760p: 12.1″ Tablet PC.
HP EliteBook 8460p: 14.0″ mainstream.
HP EliteBook 8460w: 14.0″ mobile workstation.
HP EliteBook 8560p: 15.6″ mainstream.
HP EliteBook 8560w: 15.6″ mobile workstation.
HP EliteBook 8760w: 17.3″ mobile workstation.

HP EliteBook Fourth generation:

The fourth generation, announced on May 9, 2012, comprised the following models:
HP EliteBook Revolve 810: 11.6″ Tablet PC.
HP EliteBook 2170p: 11.6″ ultraportable.
HP EliteBook 2570p: 12.5″ ultraportable.
HP EliteBook 8470p: 14.0″ mainstream.
HP EliteBook 8470w: 14.0″ mobile workstation.
HP EliteBook 9470m: 14.0″ ultrabook.
HP EliteBook 8570p: 15.6″ mainstream.
HP EliteBook 8570w: 15.6″ mobile workstation.
HP EliteBook 8770w: 17.3″ mobile workstation.

HP Computer Repair:

HP OmniBook:

HP OmniBook was a range of laptop personal computers created by Hewlett Packard.

HP OmniBook Models:

HP OmniBook 430 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 300 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 425 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 500 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 510 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 530 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 600C Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 600CT Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 800 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 900 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 900B Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 2000 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 2100 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 3000 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 3100 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 4000 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 4100 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 4150 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 4150B Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 5000 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 5500 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 5700 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 6000 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 6100 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 6200 F Docking Tray.
HP OmniBook 7100 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook 7150 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook Sojourn Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook vt6200 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook XE-DA Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook XE2-DB Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xe2-dc Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook XE2-DD Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook XE2-DE Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook XE2-DI Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xe3-gc Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xe3-gd Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xe3-ge Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xe3-gf Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xe3L-gf Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xe4100, Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xe4400 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xe4500 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xt1000-ib Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xt1000s-ib Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xt1500-ic Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xt1500-id Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xt6050 Notebook PC.
HP OmniBook xt6200 Notebook PC.

HP Computer Repair:

HP Pavilion Media Center TV:

HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7300e PC.
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7300y PC.
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7360y PC.
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7350n PC.
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7360n PC.
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7470n PC.
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7480n PC.
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7490n PC.
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7500 PC .
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7560n PC.
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7600 PC.
HP Pavilion Media Center TVm7645 PC.
HP Pavilion Media Center TVm7690e PC.
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7690y PC.
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m8070a PC.

HP Notebooks Computer:

Current notebook models:

Computer repqir HP Pavilion ENVY 17 3D, Computer repqir HP Pavilion  ENVY 17, HP Pavilion dv7t, HP Pavilion  G72t, HP Pavilion  g7, Compaq CQ62z, HP Pavilion HDX16t, HP Pavilion dv6t, HP Pavilion dv6z, HP Pavilion G62t, HP Pavilion G62m, HP Pavilion g6, HP Pavilion m6, HP Pavilion 15-p077tx, HP Pavilion 15-p001tx, HP Pavilion 15-p005x, HP Pavilion 15-p073tx, HP Pavilion 15-p045tx, HP Pavilion 15-p085tx, HP Pavilion 15-r022tx, HP Pavilion 15-r014tx, HP Pavilion 15-r022tx, HP Pavilion 15-d103tx, HP Pavilion 15-p210tx, HP Pavilion 15-p209tx, HP Pavilion 15-p029tx, HP Pavilion  15-p028tx, HP Pavilion 15-p207tx, HP Pavilion ENVY 14, HP Pavilion dv4tse, HP Pavilion dv4t, HP Pavilion  dm4t, HP Pavilion dm4x, HP Pavilion 4t, HP Pavilion dm3t, HP Pavilion Voodoo Envy 133, HP Pavilion tm2t, HP Pavilion dm1z, HP Pavilion HP Mini 210, HP Pavilion HP Mini 110 Mi, HP Pavilion HP Mini 110 XP, HP Pavilion Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam

Computer HP Pavilion Série N:

HP Pavilion N6490 HP Pavilion N6451 HP Pavilion N6404 HP Pavilion N6403 HP Pavilion N6402 HP Pavilion N6401 HP Pavilion N6400 HP Pavilion N6399 HP Pavilion N6398 HP Pavilion N6397 HP Pavilion N6396 HP Pavilion N6395 HP Pavilion N6195 HP Pavilion N6190 HP Pavilion N6000 HP Pavilion N5495 HP Pavilion N5491 HP Pavilion N5490 HP Pavilion N5485 HP Pavilion N5484 HP Pavilion N5482 HP Pavilion N5481 HP Pavilion N5475 HP Pavilion N5474 HP Pavilion N5472 HP Pavilion N5470 HP Pavilion N5462 HP Pavilion N5461 HP Pavilion N5460 HP Pavilion N5455 HP Pavilion N5454 HP Pavilion N5452 HP Pavilion N5450 HP Pavilion N5445 HP Pavilion N5444 HP Pavilion N5442L HP Pavilion N5442 HP Pavilion N5441 HP Pavilion N5440 HP Pavilion N5435 HP Pavilion N5430 HP Pavilion N5425 HP Pavilion N5422 HP Pavilion N5421L HP Pavilion N5421 HP Pavilion N5420 HP Pavilion N5415 HP Pavilion N5412 HP Pavilion N5402 HP Pavilion N5351 HP Pavilion N5311 HP Pavilion N5300 HP Pavilion N5295 HP Pavilion N5290 HP Pavilion N5271 HP Pavilion N5270 HP Pavilion N5261 HP Pavilion N5250 HP Pavilion N5241 HP Pavilion N5240 HP Pavilion N5221 HP Pavilion N5220 HP Pavilion N5200 HP Pavilion N5195 HP Pavilion N5190 HP Pavilion N5170 HP Pavilion N5150 HP Pavilion N5140 HP Pavilion N5135 HP Pavilion N5130 HP Pavilion N5125 HP Pavilion N5100 HP Pavilion N3490 HP Pavilion N3478 HP Pavilion N3438 HP Pavilion N3410 HP Pavilion N3402 HP Pavilion N3390 HP Pavilion N3370 HP Pavilion N3350 HP Pavilion N3330 HP Pavilion N3310 HP Pavilion N3295 HP Pavilion N3290 HP Pavilion N3270 HP Pavilion N3250 HP Pavilion N3215 HP Pavilion N3210 HP Pavilion N3190 HP Pavilion N3150 HP Pavilion N3110 HP Pavilion N3100 HP Pavilion N3000

Computer HP Pavilion Série DV:

HP Pavilion dv9300 HP Pavilion dv9200 HP Pavilion dv9000 HP Pavilion dv8300 HP Pavilion dv8238 HP Pavilion dv8200 HP Pavilion dv8100 HP Pavilion dv8000 HP Pavilion dv6300 HP Pavilion dv6200 HP Pavilion dv6100 HP Pavilion dv6000 HP Pavilion dv5200 HP Pavilion dv5100 HP Pavilion dv5000 HP Pavilion dv4400 HP Pavilion dv4300 HP Pavilion dv4200 HP Pavilion dv4155 HP Pavilion dv4100 HP Pavilion dv4000 HP Pavilion dv2200 HP Pavilion dv2100 HP Pavilion dv2000 HP Pavilion dv1600 HP Pavilion dv1500 HP Pavilion dv1400 HP Pavilion dv1300 HP Pavilion dv1200 HP Pavilion dv1100 HP Pavilion dv1000

Computer HP Pavilion Série ZX – ZV:

HP Pavilion zx5180 HP Pavilion zx5040 HP Pavilion zx5030 HP Pavilion zx5001 HP Pavilion zv6200 HP Pavilion zv6149 HP Pavilion zv6100 HP Pavilion zv6010 HP Pavilion zv6005 HP Pavilion zv6000 HP Pavilion zv6000 HP Pavilion zv5470 HP Pavilion zv5450 HP Pavilion zv5430 HP Pavilion zv5410 HP Pavilion zv5400 HP Pavilion zv5348 HP Pavilion zv5340 HP Pavilion zv5330 HP Pavilion zv5320 HP Pavilion zv5300 HP Pavilion zv5260 HP Pavilion zv5240 HP Pavilion zv5210 HP Pavilion zv5120 HP Pavilion zv5001

Computer HP Pavilion Série ZU – ZT:

HP Pavilion ZU175, HP Pavilion ZU1285, HP Pavilion ZU1265, HP Pavilion zt3380, HP Pavilion zt3350, HP Pavilion zt3280 ,HP Pavilion zt3000, HP Pavilion ZT1500, HP Pavilion ZT1290, HP Pavilion ZT1250, HP Pavilion ZT1243, HP Pavilion ZT1235 HP Pavilion ZT1233 HP Pavilion ZT1231 HP Pavilion ZT1195 HP Pavilion ZT1190 HP Pavilion ZT1185 HP Pavilion ZT1181 HP Pavilion ZT1180 HP Pavilion ZT1175, HP Pavilion ZT1171, HP Pavilion ZT1170 HP Pavilion ZT1162 HP Pavilion ZT1161, HP Pavilion ZT1155, HP Pavilion ZT1152 HP Pavilion ZT1151 HP Pavilion ZT1150, HP Pavilion ZT1145 HP Pavilion ZT1141 HP Pavilion ZT1140 HP Pavilion ZT1135 HP Pavilion ZT1131 HP Pavilion ZT1130 HP Pavilion ZT1125 HP Pavilion ZT1121 HP Pavilion ZT1120 HP Pavilion ZT1114 Pavilion ZT1000

Computer HP Pavilion Série ZE – ZD:

HP Pavilion ZE5490 HP Pavilion ZE5395 HP Pavilion ZE5300 HP Pavilion ZE5279 HP Pavilion ZE5270 HP Pavilion ZE5228 HP Pavilion ZE5200 HP Pavilion ZE5185 HP Pavilion ZE5170 HP Pavilion ZE5155 HP Pavilion ZE5000 HP Pavilion ZE5000 HP Pavilion ZE4900 HP Pavilion ZE4455 HP Pavilion ZE4430 HP Pavilion ZE4420 HP Pavilion ZE4402 HP Pavilion ZE4401 HP Pavilion ZE4400 HP Pavilion ZE4365 HP Pavilion ZE4335 HP Pavilion ZE4325 HP Pavilion ZE4315 HP Pavilion ZE4300 HP Pavilion ZE4298 HP Pavilion ZE4294 HP Pavilion ZE4288 HP Pavilion ZE4284 HP Pavilion ZE4268 HP Pavilion ZE4240 HP Pavilion ZE4239 HP Pavilion ZE4236 HP Pavilion ZE4232 HP Pavilion ZE4230 HP Pavilion ZE4228 HP Pavilion ZE4220 HP Pavilion ZE4218 HP Pavilion ZE4210 HP Pavilion ZE4200 HP Pavilion ZE4145 HP Pavilion ZE4125 HP Pavilion ZE4115 HP Pavilion ZE4100 HP Pavilion ZE4000 HP Pavilion ZE2300 HP Pavilion ZE2200 HP Pavilion ZE2000 HP Pavilion ZE1250 HP Pavilion ZE1130 HP Pavilion ZE1121 HP Pavilion ZE1120 HP Pavilion ZE1115 HP Pavilion ZE1110 HP Pavilion ZE1110 HP Pavilion ZE1000 HP Pavilion ZE1000

Computer HP Pavilion Série XZ – XT:

HP Pavilion XZ355 HP Pavilion XZ295 HP Pavilion XZ275 HP Pavilion XZ185 HP Pavilion XZ168 HP Pavilion XT6200 HP Pavilion XT6050 HP Pavilion XT595 HP Pavilion XT5477 HP Pavilion XT545 HP Pavilion XT537 HP Pavilion XT5366 HP Pavilion XT4345 HP Pavilion XT412 HP Pavilion XT375 HP Pavilion XT276 HP Pavilion XT236 HP Pavilion XT155 HP Pavilion XT118 HP Pavilion XT1000

Computer HP Pavilion Série XH – TX:

HP Pavilion XH675 HP Pavilion XH635 HP Pavilion XH575 HP Pavilion XH555 HP Pavilion XH545 HP Pavilion XH535 HP Pavilion XH485 HP Pavilion XH455 HP Pavilion XH395 HP Pavilion XH365 HP Pavilion XH355 HP Pavilion XH335 HP Pavilion XH226 HP Pavilion XH216 HP Pavilion XH215 HP Pavilion XH176 HP Pavilion XH156 HP Pavilion XH136 HP Pavilion XF335 HP Pavilion XE-DA HP Pavilion XE4500 HP Pavilion XE4400 HP Pavilion XE4100 HP Pavilion XE3 HP Pavilion XE2-DC HP Pavilion XE2 HP Pavilion XE HP Pavilion VT6200 HP Pavilion TX1000

Computer HP Pavilion Série NX – NC:

HP Pavilion NX9010 HP Pavilion NX9010 HP Pavilion NX9005 HP Pavilion NX9005 HP Pavilion NX9000 HP Pavilion NX9000 HP Pavilion NX8220 HP Pavilion nx8220 HP Pavilion NX6125 HP Pavilion NX6125 HP Pavilion NX6110 HP Pavilion NX6110 HP Pavilion NC6120 HP Pavilion NC6110

Computer HP Pavilion Série ZD:

HP Pavilion zd8400 HP Pavilion zd8300 HP Pavilion zd8200 HP Pavilion zd8100 HP Pavilion zd8000 HP Pavilion zd7300, laptop HP Pavilion Série 800 – 2000
HP Pavilion 800CT HP Pavilion 800CS HP Pavilion 800 HP Pavilion 7150 HP Pavilion 7100 HP Pavilion 6100 HP Pavilion 600C HP Pavilion 6000C HP Pavilion 6000B HP Pavilion 6000 HP Pavilion 600 HP Pavilion 5700CT HP Pavilion 5700 HP Pavilion 5500CT HP Pavilion 5500CS HP Pavilion 5500CD HP Pavilion 5500 HP Pavilion 5300 HP Pavilion 530 HP Pavilion 5000VL HP Pavilion 5000CTS HP Pavilion 5000CT HP Pavilion 5000CS HP Pavilion 5000C HP Pavilion 5000 HP Pavilion 500 HP Pavilion 430 HP Pavilion 425 HP Pavilion 4150 HP Pavilion 4100 HP Pavilion 4000M HP Pavilion 4000E HP Pavilion 4000CT HP Pavilion 4000C HP Pavilion 4000 HP Pavilion 400 HP Pavilion 3100 HP Pavilion 3000 HP Pavilion 300 HP Pavilion 2100 HP Pavilion 2000CT HP Pavilion 2000CS

HP Computer Repair:

HP ProBook Laptop:

The HP ProBook is a brand of affordable business notebooks made by Hewlett-Packard. The ProBook series are aimed at mainstream business users and are cheaper than the higher-end EliteBook series.(Wikipedia source)

HP Probook 4221s Laptop.
HP ProBook 4310s Laptop.
HP ProBook 4510s Laptop.
HP ProBook 4515s Laptop.
HP ProBook 4520s Laptop.
HP ProBook 4530s Laptop.
HP ProBook 4540s Laptop.
HP ProBook 4710s Laptop.
HP ProBook 5310m Laptop.
HP ProBook 6460b Laptop.

HP Computer Repair:

HP TouchSmart :

HP TouchSmart 300 PC.
HP TouchSmart 320 PC.
HP TouchSmart 420 PC.
HP TouchSmart IQ504 PC.
HP TouchSmart 520 PC.
HP TouchSmart 600 PC.
HP TouchSmart 610 PC.
HP TouchSmart 620 PC.
HP TouchSmart Elite 7320 PC.
HP TouchSmart IQ770 PC.
HP TouchSmart IQ816 PC.
HP TouchSmart 9100 PC.
HP TouchSmart Elite 9300 PC.

HP Brio Computer: :

HP Brio 71xx PC.
HP Brio 80xx PC.
HP Brio 81xx PC.
HP Brio 82xx PC.
HP Brio 83xx PC.
HP Brio 84xx PC.
HP Brio 85xx PC.
HP Brio ba200 PC.
HP Brio ba210 PC.
HP Brio ba400 PC.
HP Brio ba410 PC.
HP Brio ba600 PC.
HP Brio bax PC.
HP Brio ba PC.
HP Brio ba300 PC.

Brands of computer that we repair :

Why Choose US :

  • We come to you with no travel charges if you are located in East Sussex Areas
  •  We aim to visit our customers within 24 hours from the call 
  •   We have more than 10 years of experience
  •  We always give a 60 day warranty for our repairs.
  •  We work on a no-fix no-fee basis

Dell Computer Repair phone 07719 994 859

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Joe Jeffries
Joe Jeffries
12:36 07 Nov 19
Khalifa replaced my laptop screen quickly and with no fuss, and for a very reasonable price. He also helped us recover a hard drive we thought was long lost, containing priceless photos of the first year of our son's life. Khalifa is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and a lovely guy to boot. Highly recommended.
Heather Howlett
Heather Howlett
19:06 19 Sep 19
Khalifa was excellent , really helpful and thorough in checking out laptop problems. He installed a new hard drive and explained various features and gave some good suggestions for improvements. He is knowledgeable and offers realistic pricing Overall very good service . Thank you.
Raphael Barber
Raphael Barber
18:34 11 Sep 19
Khalifa is a pro-active specialist! After calling, he came the next day and got the job done very efficiently. He explains everything thoroughly and takes the time to do it properly too. All in all, I couldn't recommend a better service to repair your computer. Polite and well qualified. Thanks Khalifa
Wendy Jacklin
Wendy Jacklin
10:50 31 Aug 19
Khalipha was very patient with me, as, being a senior citizen who had not used a computer for over 15 years, I admitted to being very 'rusty'. I am now sure that the skills I had forgotten will return due to his help, and am re-assured that I will be able to contact him by phone should his help be required. Thank you.
Chris Saunders
Chris Saunders
14:25 30 Aug 19
I called Khalifa yesterday and he managed to call the next day, very polite and knowledgeable. Thank you for getting my old and faithful laptop working to spec.
Josephine Ventham
Josephine Ventham
11:58 22 Aug 19
brilliant. Sorted out my aged PC, installed my wireless printer. Lovely guy. Happily recommend Kahlifa .
Les Irvine
Les Irvine
16:22 14 Aug 19
Very polite and professional, knew exactly what he was doing. Would definitely recommend. Extremely good price!
11:52 10 Aug 19
Absolute delight, sorted the issue quickly and he keeps you informed of everything thats being done. I would gladley use him again should I have issues with our other computers.
Johnny Carder-Bull
Johnny Carder-Bull
00:01 22 Jul 19
When the service was given it was polite and effective. As a gay man one has experienced homophobia when intimate adult content is available to other than LGBT persons. Unfortunately Kallifia did not respond to several of my calls though paid upon visits.
Kurt Rampton
Kurt Rampton
18:37 08 Jul 19
Excellent service, really helpful repair and advice. Highly Recommend!
chris bick
chris bick
13:37 06 Jul 19
Really nice professional. Gave lots of tips along the way whilst fixing my laptop. You won't be disappointed.
Jo Strang
Jo Strang
10:27 06 Jul 19
Excellent service. I made contact yesterday and appointment was made immediately and my laptop fixed this morning! Khalifa is very knowledgeable but also able to explain things clearly. Thank you!
Kathy Howard
Kathy Howard
22:44 30 Jun 19
I have no hesitation in recommending KB Computer Repairs. He kindly came out on a Sunday afternoon, stayed until the job was done even though it was getting into the evening, explaining what he was doing (and in a way I understood, despite being more mature of limited IT knowledge!). Thank you Khalifa!
Katie Stow
Katie Stow
17:38 23 Jun 19
Couldn't recommend Khalifa more. He managed to fix my laptop within an hour and helped reinstall all my previous settings in addition to recommending apps and extensions to help protect my laptop. Thank you Khalifa for your help and saving me from having to purchase a new laptop!
Ruth Nixon
Ruth Nixon
18:40 19 Jun 19
Outstanding. So helpful and taking me through the repair really clearly and my old computer is now better than new.
Job Harris
Job Harris
10:28 27 Apr 19
The PC repair man that has just repaired my PC has done a fantastic job, and I am very pleased and will recommend him to all the people I know. Great job done
Tammillia Eloise
Tammillia Eloise
09:08 22 Apr 19
Khalifa was super informative and explained everything to me in a way I understood, sorted out the issue and made sure my PC booted in under 20 seconds (as promised when I explained the issue over the phone!) Would definitely recommend his services. 🙂
Elise Ennis
Elise Ennis
10:14 14 Apr 19
My computer was flashing and not working and I was unable to resolve this issue myself. I called Kb computer repairs Saturday midday and Khalifa came later that afternoon, I couldn't believe how prompt the service was. Khalifa was polite and patient and most importantly resolved the issues with my computer so it is now in perfect working order. I would definitely use Kb computer repairs again and will be recommending to friends.
Christy Doran
Christy Doran
20:49 21 Mar 19
Khalifa was a charming and helpful young man. A pleasure to have in your home. Highly recommended and sorted out our issues and happy to explain.
Vivienne Monahan
Vivienne Monahan
10:00 06 Mar 19
Have just had a new hard drive/memory etc. installed in my aged computer by Khalifa without a hitch. What a very pleasant young man who I would thoroughly recommend
Safety Concepts
Safety Concepts
09:23 04 Mar 19
Brilliant service. My HP laptop had a broken screen. I called Khalifa on Monday and my laptop was fixed by Saturday. The price was the same as I had been quoted at PC World and the service was so much better. No sending my computer off and waiting for 2 weeks without it. Khalifa came to me and fixed it at my house. Really pleasant experience and I will definitely use the company again if I ever need any repairs. Thoroughly recommend 🙂
Patrica Willis
Patrica Willis
21:24 08 Feb 19
I have had my laptop repaired today, yippee back to playing. I will pass my thoughts about the young man that repaired my laptop this evening, very polite , never made a mess and even took off his shoes before coming in, it seems the poor machine was in a worse state than I thought, but now it is fixed and working like a dream. I will be sure to pass on his telephone number to any person who needs a repair knowing it will be done correct. I thank you for your help.
Linda Franklin
Linda Franklin
20:47 05 Feb 19
Kalifa is excellent: very relaxed and easy to be around but very focused, he spotted the problem that has been ongoing for ages straight away - and fixed it. I couldn't recommend him more highly and feel I now have great, dependable IT support to rely on. Thank you!
Michael Clenshaw
Michael Clenshaw
16:47 27 Jan 19
Absolutely first rate! Cannot praise this man highly enough. Was punctual, patient and persevering after my computer had been compromised. So grateful. Highly recommended.
Ian Hunt
Ian Hunt
17:50 10 Jan 19
Came and fixed my son’s computer which he needs for college so was an emergency. Came out same day and did a great job. Absolutely first class service. Highly recommended 100%. ?
Sheri Halfacree
Sheri Halfacree
19:40 04 Jan 19
Could not be happier with the service provided. Super efficient from my initial phone call to receiving my MacBook back - I was kept informed and was very impressed at the service provided. I will certainly be recommending Khalifa to my friends and family. Many thanks!
Peter Ludlow
Peter Ludlow
11:04 05 Dec 18
Khalifa was very knowledgeable as to what the problem was and efficiently repaired and reset our laptop. The performance now is better than when we first bought it new. We would not hesitate to recommend him to others looking for outstanding computer repairs.
Frederick Livings
Frederick Livings
12:10 24 Nov 18
Khalifa was brilliant! He solved my complicated PC problems very efficiently. I would certainly recommend him unreservedly and use him again if necessary.
Louisa Nunn
Louisa Nunn
19:13 15 Nov 18
Fab service. Fast worker and great prices. Saved me from buying a new machine.
Stephanie Hubbard
Stephanie Hubbard
12:03 11 Nov 18
very helpful from the phone call to request help to completing all that we needed. Fast and efficient and would definitely use again. Thank you
Nicholas Buckwell
Nicholas Buckwell
14:33 09 Sep 18
Khalifa came to sort out my laptop issues at my home. He came on a Sunday at no additional charge. He backed up everything, reinstalled Windows 10 and made sure my inactive Function keys and Audio were restored, at the same time he also fitted a Solid State hard drive too speed up operations. Delighted with every aspect.
Anna Eyebright
Anna Eyebright
10:12 25 Aug 18
I chose KB Computer Repairs because of the positive feedback and Im glad that I did. Khalifa sorted my computer very quickly and efficiently and was very helpful at answering my questions. He gave me a lot of useful advice and I now feel more informed about my computer, Thankyou, I would most definitely recommend you to anyone who needs help with their computer.
Mark Whiteway
Mark Whiteway
21:09 18 Jul 18
Khalifa spent three hours sorting out the business computer. He was outstanding. He explains what he's doing at every stage and does a first class and thorough job. He's now my go to guy for any computer issues! A very pleasant manner and a consummate professional. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Joyce Chalk
Joyce Chalk
21:48 03 Jul 18