Computer Repairs in Coldwaltham

KB Computer Repairs in Coldwaltham provides professional computer support to home and business users in their own homes. If your computer isn’t connecting to the Internet, keeps freezing and crashing or simply not starting up then we will help you fix it.

We work with a No Fix No Fee policy and we are available 7 days a week, from 9am to 8pm. Call us today on 07719 994 859 for a free quote.

PC & laptop repair services in Coldwaltham

KB computer repairs offer a fast and reliable laptop repair services in Coldwaltham. Our IT technicians and engineers are fully qualified to diagnose and repair Windows and Apple computers whatever the problem, hardware or software.

Computer Repairs in Coldwaltham

We are mobile so there is no need for you to travel anymore, we will come to you at your convenience. Our on-site computer services aren’t only focused on fixing your computer – we also give our customers in Coldwaltham valuable advice to keep your computer clean and secure from harmful viruses, spams and malwares.

watch computer repairs Opening Hours :

Monday to Sunday

9am – 8pm

07719 994 859

Brands of computers that we repair:

Our computer repairs services in Coldwaltham

We repair all brands and models, old or new: HP, Acer, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Packard Bell, Microsoft Surface, Sony Fujitsu etc. Below are some of the services we provide for our customers in West Sussex and the surrounding towns:

Apple computers – diagnostic and repair

 If your MacBook Pro isn’t loading the OS X because of a virus or a malware or the hard drive has died then you are in the right place. We can install and upgrade most versions of OS X. If you have an iMac and you want us to upgrade the RAM or replace your old spinning hard drive to a newer SSD technology then feel free to call us on 07719 994 859.

Windows 10 install and upgrade

Most of our customers are unaware that Microsoft has decided to keep the naming of Windows 10 for a long period of time and upgrade it every 06 months. The upgrades are released every March and September plus the security updates in between. We provide Windows 10 installation services on a custom built computer and on old computers which are on Windows 7 for example.

Virus attack cleaning

Many users think that their computer is slow because it is old, but this is not always true as most computers can run Windows 10 without buffering. One of the common reasons why computers are slow is that they have caught a virus or a malware. At KB Computer Repairs we can clean and remove most of the known viruses and spams using our professional tools and antivirus to make sure you are protected in the future.

Windows 10 restore after failing update

Has your laptop or desktop failed to install Windows 10 upgrade? Unfortunately this is a common issue as Windows doesn’t check the incompatibility before starting the upgrade. No worries, our IT Engineers can recover all your data to an external hard drive and install the latest version of Windows 10. Your files and documents will be restored to the new fresh installed version of Windows 10.

Custom build gaming PC

Are you planning to buy parts (Motherboard, CPU, Cooling system, Hard drive etc.) so you can build your own tower but you need help to achieve it? We are experts in building gaming computers, give us a call we are happy to help you create your unique tower.

Part Replacement and upgrade

 If you have a broken screen which needs replacing or simply need a RAM upgrade for an old laptop to boost it then you are in the right place. KB Computer Repairs can replace or upgrade your RAM, Hard drive, Graphic card, Motherboard, Cooling system etc. Please note our company can only provide: Hard drives, RAM and Solid State Drive replacement, so if your motherboard has died and you want to replace it then we can guide you to buy the right one before coming to you to replace it.


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We provide a comprehensive range of computer repair services throughout all the towns of West Sussex.