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We provide mobile computer repairs, Ashburnham-Place, we can fix issues such as : virus removal, PC freezing and blue screen repair in Ashburnham-Place, computer overheating in Ashburnham-Place, WiFi and Internet troubleshooting, adware removal in Ashburnham-Place, software installations or PC cleaning.

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Computer repairs Ashburnham-Place: KB Computer Repairs serves all of East Sussex and Ashburnham-Place. If you require support with your PC and live in the Ashburnham-Place area, we can come to you! If you live in Ashburnham-Place and need a computer hard drive replacement, virus removal, PC freezing and blue screen repair, overheating repair, WiFi and Internet troubleshooting,adware removal, software installations or PC cleaning, then look no further! Give us a call today and we will arrange to come to your home in Ashburnham-Place at a time to suit you.

KB Computer Repairs is a mobile computer repair company for personal computer users in Ashburnham-Place. Our call-out service is available 7 days a week in the Ashburnham-Place area and we will travel to your home at no extra cost to you. We offer a rapid response, on-site computer repair service. We can fix your computer quickly, in your office or home at Ashburnham-Place, East Sussex!

KB Computer Repairs can give your business support in Ashburnham-Place by coming to you. We’ll come direct to your home or business in Ashburnham-Place to provide on site IT support, including physical computer repairs, as well as to resolve software, hardware, broadband and networking issues.

Computer repair ecological Did you know an average PC requires ten times its weight in fossil fuels to be made, which is why it’s much better to get your computer repaired, if possible. Billions of computers are sold worldwide each year, creating tonnes of electronic waste!

What’s more, the cost of replacing your machine with a brand new model could be up to 20 times more than having it repaired!

If you live in Ashburnham-Place and need a computer technician to visit you today, call us on 07719 994 859.

Check below or use the map if you are unsure if we cover your area.

watch computer repairs Opening Hours :

Monday to Sunday

9am – 8pm

kb computer repairs phone 07719 994 859

Brands of computers that we repair:

  • HP Computer Repairs
  • Dell Computer Repairs
  • Acer Computer Repairs
  • Asus Computer Repairs
  • Lenovo Computer Repairs
  • Toshiba Computer Repairs
  • Compaq Computer Repairs
  • Samsung Computer Repairs
  • All In One Computer Repairs
  • Sony Vaio Computer Repairs
  • eMachines Computer Repairs
  • Packard Bell Computer Repairs
  • Fujitsu Siemens Computer Repairs

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We provide a comprehensive range of computer repair services throughout all the towns of East Sussex.